Our Mission

This platform has been established to provide quality online summer courses for Irish primary school teachers which qualify for EPV days. The courses have been designed by teachers for teachers. We aim to offer courses which are unique, innovative and relevant. Our courses meet the demands of Teachers, Principals, Assistant Principals and Home School Community Liaison Coordinators facing the unique challenges that are present in education today.

Our Courses

Features of DEIS school supports and examples of how they work to support principals, teachers, parents and pupils to lessen the impact of educational disadvantage.

Empowering teachers to take on and engage in middle leadership within schools. Preparing them with evidence based knowledge to sustainably improve teaching and learning in their school through quality leadership and management.  

How to promote creativity throughout the whole school. Guidance on how to weave creative expression through the curriculum using practical activities from the Arts, STEM and Outdoor Education to inspire creativity in both children and teachers.

An introduction to learning guitar and how to best use the instrument to support your teaching of the music curriculum. Explore useful approaches to teach the three strands of the music curriculum and inspire musical engagement in children. 

Explore strategies to develop a motivational climate in PE along with contemporary approaches  to support student skill acquisition.  Consider how digital technology can enhance PE learning and resources to develop social skills and character within PE.

This course will focus on teaching visual arts through the concepts of line and pattern, rhythm, colour and tone, form, texture and shape and space. Explore art interaction, art appreciation and art making by focussing on the process.

This course will explore the concept of wellbeing and the importance of wellbeing promotion in schools.  The course will delve into the four key areas of wellbeing promotion specifically outlined in the 'Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice'. It will empower teachers and school leaders to lead or positively engage with the School Self-Evaluation process with a focus on wellbeing promotion. 


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