Building a Creative School

This course is designed to facilitate creative teaching and learning. It is aimed at the average teacher, you do not need to consider yourself artistic! 

In fact, visual art is just one of many components used in this course to highlight how you can be much more creative than you think! Creativity and 'thinking outside of the box' in a world of standardisation has become one of the most important human traits. 

This course is an energising exploration of ideas such as Thematic Teaching, Project-Based Learning and integrating the Arts into other curricular areas to boost pupil engagement. 

It shows how you can balance the wonderful opportunities for learning in digital technology and the powerful effect of the natural outdoors on children and teacher's wellbeing.

This course has practical examples of  how to embed a culture of creativity throughout your school and how this way of educating has a profoundly positive effect on children's behaviour and motivation.


“This has genuinely been a really enjoyable course to be on and I'm so glad I chose it. It is so easy to go along with the everyday traditional sense of teaching a class: getting through the content, getting workbooks completed and tests done. There is more of a need than ever for creativity to be weaved into the everyday teaching and learning and spark joy in pupil's schooling. This course has really helped me think more about creativity in a real and meaningful way… Thank you for all the resources: I've downloaded all the materials and I will be going through them again to help in my planning and preparation for my infant classroom.” 

(2023 Participant)

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Course Outline

Module 1 - Creativity in Education

This module gives an overview of what creativity means, how it looks in a school setting and how linking up with outside agencies for support can boost learning in your school.

Module 2 - Creative Teaching and Learning

In this module we explore Project-Based learning, the Flipped Classroom model and Thematic teaching and learning. We examine practical activities and opportunities with Literacy, Numeracy and SESE.

Module 3 - Creativity Through the Arts

We consider the versatility of the Arts in teaching and learning, with practical activities and opportunities in Visual Art, Music and Drama. We also identify differentiation opportunities for SEN with creativity being used as therapy for all children.

Module 4 - Creativity Through the Natural and Digital Worlds

In Module 4 we consider how creative expression supports wellbeing especially through Aistear and Outdoor Education. We also explore activities and opportunities for creative expression with PE and SPHE. We also focus on creativity in Digital Learning through Maker-Space, coding, podcasting, videography and Book Creator.

Module 5 - The School Environment

Module 5 focuses on the whole school approach to facilitating creative practice through the lens of SSE. It identifies the importance of leadership’s facilitation of the development of a culture and environment of creativity. We also highlight the Department of Education's Creative Schools program and the benefits of taking part.

Course Author

'In today's society creativity is valued more than ever but is seldom explicitly fostered among our school children. I designed this course to highlight the myriad of practical ways that creativity can be embedded in any school.'

Jason Byrne

Jason is a primary school teacher from Scoil Chroi Iosa, Galway City. He is currently working as a Home School Community Liaison Coordinator (HSCL) with Tusla Education Support Services (TESS). He also works as a Wellbeing and PE Associate with the PDST Primary Health & Wellbeing Team. Jason is an experienced primary teacher holding a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership from NUI Maynooth. He has a passion for promoting creativity among the whole school community and his school has piloted the Creative Schools programme since 2018.


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