Music to my Ears: Guitar & the Music Curriculum

Have you ever wanted to play the guitar? Do you have one at home but have never played it? Do you know a few chords but are unable to apply them confidently in the classroom? Now's your chance to learn a life changing skill!

Music to my Ears offers you the opportunity to enrich your music lessons in two specific ways: enhancing teachers’ confidence and competence in teaching the Music Curriculum, and learning to play the guitar in the classroom and beyond

Due to popular demand, the course now offers two distinct levels of guitar instruction: Level 1 and Level 2! So which one should you choose? 

The three strands of the Music Curriculum are explored in detail, along with a wide bank of engaging resources, enabling your students to explore, listen to and respond in a variety of ways to music. 

It's all online, in your own time and at your own pace. Once you choose your level, you will be guided through each module and will be able to apply your new skills to a range of fun and exciting songs. It is step by step, taking you all the way from playing your first chord, to a confident performance of Love me Do, Stand by Me, Zombie and many more favourites!

Grab your guitar, log in and begin your guitar journey today!  Learn to play it and apply it in the classroom in only 20 hours!! 


 'All in all probably the best online course I have ever participated in and I would have no hesitation in doing  a similar course again or recommending this one. Thank you very much.' (Liam)

What the participants said about this course 

'I will very truthfully say that I have learnt an enormous amount this past week about playing the guitar. This week I really feel I have learnt so much and very much intend to continue my learning going forward. I have enjoyed it very much and looked forward to every moment during the course.' (Marguerite)

'I wish to thank you Denis for your patience and your lovely comments after each assignment.  You have put a huge amount of work into this course, it is extremely thorough and you have provided us with a lovely selection of songs.' (Helen)

'I'm very grateful to Denis for running the course in such a clear and useful way. I have been tipping around guitar playing for past 2 years and have tried using applications and other online methods but have come on a huge amount thanks to Denis and the course.' (Eoin)

'All in all I just cannot fault this course, the pace, the structure and the content was absolutely exceptional.  I will be telling all of my colleagues about it.  Thank you so much.' (Sharon)

'I have to say that in my many years of doing teacher summer courses this has been one of my favourites. To pick up and learn the guitar, an instrument that I have wanted to play for many years, as part of the course is excellent. Such a fantastic idea for a course.' (Anna)

Choosing the right level for you!

Here are the main points about our Level 1 course:

Here are a few details about the Level 2 course:

List of songs in each level

Level 1 includes:

He's got the whole world in his hands

Three Little Birds

Chasing Cars

I Have a Dream

Love me Do

Lean on Me

All these things that I’ve done 


I’m yours 


Viva la vida

Stand by me

Happy Birthday

Blinding lights


Oro sè do bheatha bhaile 

Huge list of nursery rhymes

Hill an Gully rider 

Level 2 includes:

Wagon Wheel

Stand by Me

Somewhere Over the Rainbow



Live Forever


Fields of Athenry

Time of Your Life

All I Want is You


Huge list of nursery rhymes 


Everybody hurts


Happy Birthday

Galway Girl

Fix You

Nancy Spain

We also have simple one string riffs such as Shape of You, Believer, Zombie, Pompeii and many more! By the end of the course, we hope that you will be able to enjoy and play many of the above songs!

Course Outline 

Module 1 - Introduction & Wellbeing

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of guitar? Do you need to brush up on your guitar knowledge? In this module you will:

Module 2 - Major Steps in Listening & Responding

In this module, you will explore strategies and resources which allow children to respond to music in a variety of engaging and innovative ways. Level 1 guitarists will learn their first full songs, while Level 2 guitarists will explore a variety of new strumming patterns:

Module 3 - Minor Points for Performing

This module will empower participants to become confident in the teaching of songs, instruments and the use of notation. Your guitar repertoire will also be expanded on through the use of minor chords and more popular songs:

Module 4 - Confident Composing in the Classroom

Module 4 explores the composing strand in detail and draws on the use of effective stimuli to inspire children to make and record music. In terms of guitar content, the final chords of the course are taught, as well as fingerstyle techniques for Level 2 participants:

Module 5 - Digital Technology and SSE in Music

Digital technology and SSE can be used to enhance music teaching and learning at a whole school level.  This module consolidates your guitar journey so far, as well as providing you with more songs to use in the classroom. In this module you will:

Course Author 

'I designed this course to enable other teachers to enrich their music lessons in a multitude of ways. My love of the guitar is clear from the course content. However, when it comes to playing the instrument, the greatest pleasure I get is teaching others how to play.'

Denis Davoren

Denis is a primary school teacher from CBS Primary, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. He graduated from Mary Immaculate College with a first class honours degree in 2011. Over the last 11 years Denis has taught in multi-grade mainstream classes in county Clare and Cork. He is particularly interested in the curricular areas of Literacy and Music. Denis uses the guitar as a teaching tool in his classroom to promote learning and also accompanies the school choir at all school events. He has been teaching the instrument to children and adults, for the past 10 years.


Each individual course costs €69

2 Course bundle costs €99

3 Course bundle costs €129

SummerCPD Dates 

All of our courses are available online from the 1st July - 28th July 2024. Courses must be fully completed within this time frame.


Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page on this website. If you have further queries please email