Innovative Approaches to Teaching PE

This course will explore innovative approaches to teaching Physical Education which can enhance pupils' physical literacy. Contemporary approaches to support student skill acquisition in PE, as well as practical strategies to develop a motivational climate in your PE classes will be explored.  Participants will be introduced to 'Sport Education' an innovative curriculum model along with a number of further resources and ideas to develop pupils' social skills, qualities and character in PE.  Finally you will explore how digital technology can enhance PE learning and explore the potential of PE leadership to positively influence teaching and learning across the whole school.  


Prior to completing this course, PE would of been one of my less confident subjects to teach…I  have really learned how to break down the subject through engaging with this course’ (2023 Participant)

What participants said about this course

‘This course has really challenged me to think about how I teach PE. I cannot wait to explore many of the innovative ideas with my class next year.’

‘This is a well put together course. I like the variety of video, links, podcasts and practical information.’

‘I have learned a great amount from this course. It has really allowed me to reflect on how I teach P.E and the elements that I need to focus on’

‘The ideas presented in this course were very innovative and creative while still being achievable and realistic.’


‘I found the modules very eye opening and interesting and I found myself constantly reflecting on my own PE lessons as I moved through the course.’

‘I chose to do this course because I felt I was lacking in confidence during my PE lessons. I feel that with courses like this everyone would be able to teach their class using new and innovative ways to teach PE.’

‘I really have taken so much from this course. It has shed light on many new innovative PE concepts and it was just what I was looking for. I have found it thoroughly enjoyable, interesting and practical throughout’

'I loved the option of submitting oral assessment material - very inclusive! Well done! '

Course Outline  

Module 1 - Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition in PE

Have you ever wondered about the best approaches to teaching physical skills in your PE classes? In this module you will:

●       Develop your understanding of fundamental movement skills and their importance in PE


●       Consider linear and non-linear approaches to teaching motor skills in PE


●      Explore resources for teaching fundamental movement skills in PE

Module 2 - Character Education in PE: Developing Social Skills and Personal Qualities

Do some children in your class struggle to play 'fair' in PE or on yard?  Do all your pupils work well as part of a team or group?  In this module you will explore strategies and resources to help explicitly teach these concepts amongst others.

Module 3 - Motivation in PE: Developing a 'Mastery’ Climate 

Have you ever struggled to engage all pupils in your PE lessons? This module will empower participants to create a motivational environment in their PE classes to support enhanced engagement for all:

Module 4 - Sport Education:  Motor learning, Character and Mastery in Practice 

Sport Education is an internationally renowned evidenced based approach to teaching PE which involves supporting pupils to take on a variety of roles such as coach, referee, captain etc.  In this module you will:

Familiarise yourself with the main features of the curriculum model Sport education 

Examine the different roles undertaken by teachers and pupils in a sport education unit

Explore activities and resources which support teachers to utilise sport education in their PE classes

Module 5 - Digital Technology and Leadership in PE

Digital technology and PE leadership can be used to enhance PE teaching and learning at a whole school level.  In this module you will:

Course Author 

'I  designed this course as I passionately believe that innovative approaches to Physical Education can have a positive impact on childrens' physical activity levels both now and in the future.  Quality physical education is more important in today's society than ever before and we need to innovate to help our children develop physical literacy'

Liam Clohessy

Liam is a primary school teacher from Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh, Cobh, Co. Cork. He currently works in curriculum development and was previously seconded to the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) working as a Health and Wellbeing Advisor supporting schools and teachers across Ireland.  Liam also completed a PhD in the area of primary physical education leadership and has authored a number of publications in this area.  He is a former chairperson of the Irish Primary PE Association and co-host of the podcast 'Playful and Practical PE'.  Liam has also previously worked as a lecturer in Mary Immaculate College and with the Active School Flag organisation


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