Innovative Approaches to Teaching Art

Do you often end up in a panic on a Thursday, thinking what will I do for Art tomorrow? Then this is the course for you! This practical innovative course will focus on teaching visual arts through the concepts of line and pattern, rhythm, colour and tone, form, texture and shape and space. 

Art interaction, art appreciation and art making are the three interconnecting active approaches through which the curriculum will be taught with a focus on two concepts in each module. This method will result in an easier more simplified planning structure where integration and forming connections within the art curriculum occur more naturally. The concepts form the backbone for each term's plan and can be applied across all classes. This developmental progression will be centred on practical, creative ideas, that are child centred and focus on the process of art making and the individual response to art.


'My mind is buzzing with all the new fresh art materials and content I will be able to use in September.  Thank you so much for reigniting my passion and interest in teaching art.'

What the participants said about this course

'Overall, this course has changed how I will teach Art and I am so excited to get back to teaching and using all that I have learned!!'

'Art has always been an area which I have found difficult to teach and I sometimes lack creative ideas to use in the classroom. However, I have lots of new and imaginative ideas which are practical and easy to teach in the classroom.'

'Art is always a subject I enjoy teaching and I found lots of tips, inspiration and useful activities throughout these modules'

'As a Newly Qualified Teacher last year I felt that Art was one of the subjects that I was lacking ideas, from this course without a doubt, I have a much better understanding of the Visual Arts Curriculum and I have learned amazing innovative approaches to teaching Art'

'I loved the format of the course and it helped me greatly to plan my monthly lessons.  Having a structure and a better focus has re-awakened my enthusiasm'

'I wouldn’t consider myself overly Artistic but on completion of this course I really feel I have a great many ideas and activities that I can try with the pupils and remain confident and satisfied that I am properly covering the curriculum in a fun way'

'This course has left me feeling excited and reinvigorated about teaching Visual Art and trying out the great many ideas suggested on the course.'

'I can genuinely say I was excited the see what would come up on this course in each module and feel much better equipped for teaching art in the future.'

Course Outline

Module 1 - Line, Pattern and Rhythm

Art class doesn't always have to involve paint and a big messy clean up. Alternative art activities such as map mapping, photography, collecting pictures from magazines and online resources to produce collages and discussion workshops, will be central to this module.  Art interaction and art appreciation also form part of this module and can result in excellent oral language lessons, as well as opening up integration with SESE, maths, SPHE, music and drama.

In this module you will:

Module 2 - Colour and Tone  

Colour and tone can be expressed with lots of different medians and can be used to communicate emotions and feelings.  Event art such as St. Patricks day, Easter, Halloween etc can highlight colour as a focus and can become much more meaningful and creative in terms of the art we teach.

In this module you will:

Module 3 - Form and Texture 

In this module, 3D Construction, print making and collage will provide imaginative sensory lessons. Clay will also be explored and this is a means of integrating form and texture and providing weeks of fun when you delve into pinch, coil and slab vessel making.

Module 4 - Shape and Space 

A variety of concepts and art mediums can to integrated and investigated to develop the ideas of shape and space in this module. 

In this module you will:

Module 5 - Integration and SSE in Art 

Teaching art for art's sake is very important and this can be achieved successfully through integration with other subject areas. Thematic teaching, as highlighted in this module, demonstrates how each subject can deliver its own objective, whilst valuing the influence of others.

 In this module you will:

Course Author 

'I designed this course so that I could share my passion and love for teaching art.  I hope to provide some inspiration and to instil  a positive attitude towards art in teachers.  Art should be a fun, creative and personal process'

Leanne Troy

Leanne is a primary school teacher from Scoil Charthaigh Naofa, Rahan, Co. Offaly.   Leanne has over ten years experience of teaching in a variety of settings such as multi grade, single stream, DEIS and Non-DEIS contexts.   She has a special interest in Art and completed elective modules in this area as part of her undergraduate degree, along with numerous professional development courses in recent years.    Leanne is a keen artist herself and has experience of leading a variety of curricular and extra curricular art projects in her school and community.  


Each individual course costs €69

2 Course bundle costs €99

3 Course bundle costs €129

SummerCPD Dates 

All of our courses are available online from the 1st July - 28th July 2024Courses must be fully completed within this time frame.


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