Do the courses entitle me to EPV 'course days'?

Yes, successful completion of any of our courses will entitle you to a Certificate from the Department of Education and Skills, which can be used for three EPV days in the following academic year. 

When can I complete the course?

All of our courses are available online from 1st-28th July 2024. Courses must be fully completed within this time frame.

Is there specific times or dates I must log in?

No, the courses are specifically designed for you to digest at your own pace and fit into whatever schedule suits you. Once the course begins, you can complete at any time within the given dates. You can log in across devices and times in line with your own personal availability.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The courses are designed with 10 hours of online lectures/material and 10 hours of self-directed recommended reading and reflective exercises.

Is the course fully online?

Yes, all of the courses are completely online, so they can be comfortably accessed anywhere you have an internet connection and a suitable device (smartphone/tablet/computer).

What type of assignments will I have to do?

In line with Department of Education criteria on each course you will need to complete assignments and respond to a discussion forum within each module.  Although each course is different, Summer CPD has committed to providing  participants with either a choice of topic (e.g. 2 question options)  or  response format (e.g. use of written text, audio/voice notes, etc.) for each assignment.  Participants will also contribute two posts to discussion forums in each module and complete a reflective assignment summarising their learning in the course. 

Do I need a guitar for the guitar course?

Yes, you will need access to a guitar for this course. Any regular 6-string guitar will be suitable (electric or acoustic, nylon strings or metal strings, full size or 3/4 size). Bass Guitars and Ukeleles are not suitable.

If you are just testing the waters and do not want to purchase your own instrument, perhaps ask a friend/relative/neighbour for a loan of theirs? Many households have a guitar tucked away gathering dust, and this would be a perfect opportunity to give those instruments a new lease of life!

Do I need to be in a leadership position to do the middle leadership course?

No, you do not need to be currently in a recognised leadership role in your school. This course is perfect for both current leaders and aspiring leaders. It aims to give a solid foundation and transferrable knowledge and skills to help any teacher improve their leadership potential.

Do I need to be in a DEIS school to do the DEIS course?

No, you do not need to be currently working in a DEIS school to do this course, although it does focus on some features that are only present in DEIS Urban schools. This course would be suitable for any teacher or principal who may be applying for a job in a DEIS school in the future, any teacher or principal who works in a school with disadvantaged pupils or anyone who is curious about how DEIS schools differ from other mainstream schools in Ireland.

How do the course bundles work?

Course bundles are a great value way for a person to complete multiple summer courses.  Course bundles are available for one person and  individual use only.  Shortly after purchasing a bundle, you will receive an email asking you which 2 or 3 courses you would like to undertake.  After receiving your response we will enrol you in the appropriate courses.   If you have not recieved this email or have further queries email contactsummercpd@gmail.com

Are there course packages for schools?

Course packages are a great option for multiple teachers from the same school to complete summer courses with SummerCPD at a discounted rate.  Course packages are available for schools with a minimum of 5 teachers signing up, where a school is purchasing the teachers summer courses.  This is a fantastic way to incentivise professional development and upskilling in a school. Contact us about purchasing a package for your school to get a quote. 

What is the refund policy?

Full refunds are available prior to the course beginning if you change your mind or are no longer able to complete the course.  No refunds are available after the course start date.